Concept & Design
Date – 2019

Started off in 1947, Wrangler created iconic denim worn by cowboys, rebels and rock stars. Their new iconic collection embodies that spirit with 6 legendary designs from their archive. Icons that are steeped in heritage but reinvented for today.

Wrangler’s 2019 Spring campaign “To The Icons” is a tribute to the weekend warriors and rock stars of music.

We were asked to design a window for De Bijenkorf Amsterdam that highlights Wrangler’s Iconic denim and speaks to the imagination of a music-driven culture.

We created a design that features the collection from an iconic perspective and resonates with a female audience. Like a true Rock Star, she owns the stage and is the center of attention. Chased by thousands of fans and the flashing lights of their cameras. An icon that you won’t soon forget, an icon that lives forever.

Agency: oy.


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